Training Lab Master Instructor Certification Course

Even the most advanced technology is useless in the hands of someone who cannot effectively operate and maintain that technology. With that in mind, Ti Academy's Training Lab™ was developed to equip members of your department in the effective use of our systems. This 3-Day Master Instructor Certification Course is a full immersion in to the world of Simulator Training, teaching both the technical "how to" aspects AND providing in-depth knowledge of Quality Simulation Training Practices.

Our Ti Training Academy Instructors are committed to providing high quality training for our customers.
trainer and trainee in simulation environmentIn order to deliver effective simulation training, we believe it is critical you not only know how to operate your Training Lab system and its components, but also safely and effectively train officers in the simulated environment. In addition to providing your officers with the best possible Simulator Training, the in-depth knowledge and certification your staff will receive can also help reduce agency liability.

Successful completion of Ti Academy Instructor's Course certifies attendees as "Master Simulation Instructors." They will be certified to provide Simulator Training for members of your agency AND able to teach and certify others within your agency as Ti Training Lab Simulation Instructors.