Firing Line™ is our virtual Marksmanship Training Simulator

The Firing Line module from Ti Training® can be a stand-alone system or added to the RECON® use-of-force simulator. The calibration and system components are the same for ease of transferring back and forth between scenario based training and marksmanship.

In the Target Designer, any target can be uploaded and sized appropriately. The end user can edit (draw) zones on the target to score the target correctly. One time scoring will be maintained with the target at any distance within the range and targets can be customized by size. The "Hit Zones" can be simple circles and squares or drawn free-hand to get exact scoring. All zones can be tested in the designer and then included in courses of fire designed by the trainer to meet your training objectives.

Photos are used to build the 3D range, indoor or outdoor. The ground, horizon, bullet trap and side walls (area) are photos put into the designer and can be zoomed into for the correct aspect ratio. Inside the 3D range, the designer can place the targets within the world. The range can change for standing position, kneeling position and prone point of view automatically.

Firing Line includes real world ballistics and environmental elements to create a highly accurate shooting experience at various distances and wind conditions.


  • Creation or import of your own target images through the Target Designer function, along with controls to edit scoring zones on the targets.
  • Ability to maintain your database of trainees by adding, editing, or modifying trainee information such as name, ID number, and unit ID.
  • Customizable weapons ballistics.