RECON 180 - The Three Screen, Adaptable Environment

Ti Training’s patented approach to three (3) screen simulators incorporates all the attributes of the single screen system and includes the ability to rotate the outer screens to change configuration of the system. By moving the screens to match the scenario, you can create the ultimate immersive environment.

For example, imagine a scenario that takes place where the backdrop is the side of a building. Should this type of scenario be displayed on a traditional three (3) screen, 180-degree, simulator? Tt would not look realistic for the participant since they would see the building and its parking lot curved around them. However, on Ti Training’s system, the instructor could rotate the outer screens so that all three screens are “flat.” This would provide the accurate perspective for the officer and it would appear to them that they are standing in front of the building. Similarly, rotating just the left or right screen in can provide the precise perspective to represent the environment correctly for the officer depending on the location, or scene being portrayed. Finally, both the left and right screens can be rotated in to accurately represent a room or a hallway.

With the Gullwing configuration, you simply close the sides to maximize your training objectives, from up to 33’ wide at the flat position to 180 degrees - the system stays completely calibrated and can be moved easily and instantly to seamlessly incorporate a vastly expanded array of virtual training options.

Regardless of screen position(s), there is no need to recalibrate the system once the screens have been rotated for a given scenario. Also, since the same shot detection technology is used for the three-screen system, the officer maintains freedom of movement in the training space. Movement is critical to all encounters; other systems limit an officer’s movement, which can induce training scars that may directly impact them on the job.