RECON Core - The Versatile Single Screen Simulator

This single screen simulator is the heart, the basis, the core of our simulation systems Since the scenario takes place on a single screen, Ti Training has developed shot detection methodology that allows the officer to move anywhere in the training room, up to and including 90 degrees to the screen and still interact with the scenario on all of their weapons.

Scenarios are filmed to maintain a 1:1 aspect ratio in order to display correct relative distances. Additionally, each scenario is created around a single training objective. This, in turn, dictates the number and type of branches required. All objectives are selected by SMEs that directly impact officers since they either already have or are likely to encounter a similar situation in the real world. During scenario creation, attention is paid to research from both Law Enforcement and peer reviewed research into skill sets that are required to be performed “on demand.”

Pre Loaded with 500+ Scenarios, new scenarios sent quarterly FREE of CHARGE, and the ability to Create Your Own Scenarios!

With the RECON Core, you can be portable- the entire system comes in a single pelican case (70 lbs.) or can be permanently mounted. Either way, you have every option available to build the ideal training center. The single screen scenario library contains over 800 fully branching scenarios, skill building drills, shooting games for competition, stereo sound, an HD projector and is a turnkey solution. The single screen “Core” can be upgraded to a three (3) screen RECON 180 with movable side walls measuring up to 33 feet in width.