RECON Custom - Configured to Fit Your Training Needs

RECON Custom is customized to your agency, your facility, your training needs. From 2 to 24 screens, assembled in a small space or spread through a shoot house, you design the simulation system specific to your training goals. This is our most flexible simulation system offering a wide range of options and flexibility.

For example, you can have an interactive simulation system in either a live fire or marking cartridge shoot house. The Participant moves through the reconfigurable walls of the simulator as overhead projectors turn on and display the next portion of the scenario in either that room or successive rooms. This is the ultimate in simulation since the officer is actively moving through real spaces that they encounter on a daily basis such as a home, business, or school.

The instructor is able to track the trainee continuously via cameras that show the location of every participant in real-time. And optional, reconfigurable walls that are marking cartridge rated, can be repurposed for an agency’s force on force training.

With RECON Custom, the possibilities are limitless.