RECON + Adds Multiple Independent Smart Screens

Ti Training’s patented RECON + simulators build on the requirement and ability to move realistically in the scenario. Existing five-screen simulators require the officer to stand in the center of the simulator. While they can rotate 360 degrees, there is no room for them to move (e.g. to cover, from one person to another in the simulation, etc.). Ti Training’s approach to simulation systems builds on our three (3) screen design by adding multiple independent Smart Screens.

The Smart Screens can be placed anywhere, even in another room. This allows for an unlimited number and type of scenarios. For example, an officer must first meet and interact with a reporting party on an interactive screen outside the simulation room. The officer can conduct an interview and gain information about the call, then enter into the simulation room. Once there, they may encounter a subject and deal with them on the three-screen setup. A noise may be heard from another area, forcing the officer to move to the fifth screen to complete the scenario. The key here is that the officer is moving in real space. Up to 24 screens may be added to the RECON.

The Smart Screens are additional screens with the computer, projector, sound system, and all the peripherals contained within the screen. The only power is needed to run the entire system. The Smart Screen is in communication with the CORE and is operated in sync by one operator. The operator can control the CORE and all additional Smart Screens with a single monitor and mouse. Scenarios are built using a library of scenes that make up the content for each screen and they branch, react, and play out as a single scenario.