Every Agency has budget and space limitations.
The Recon™ system fits both.

Agencies start with a single screen or a three (3) screen and add on as budget and/or space allows. Up to 8 screens can reside in one room or in multiple rooms. The systems can be run as independent use of force training simulators or through wireless connection working together with a single operator. Ease of use and flexibility is key.

RECON is Training that Fits

Regardless of which type of simulator you choose, Ti Training has approached each with the same design philosophy - to maximize value by providing the latest technologies that adhere to the following tenets:

  • Realistic Movement of the Officers
  • Fresh, Objective Driven Training Content
  • Undeniable Debriefing on Trainee Performance
  • Train with every device you normally have available
  • Demand Research to Ensure Learning and Retention
  • Scenario Representation to Ensure Correct Perception of the Environment


Whatever the budget and whatever the space requirements, Ti Training’s RECON family of products fits today and will grow with your agency in the future.

Recon™ Standard Features:

  • Windows Professional operating system
  • Microsoft Office compatibility allows for multimedia presentations
  • High definition video projector (native 16 x 9 format, 3600 lumens)
  • Standard size 12' X 6'11" projection screen (RECON Single screen)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound speaker system
  • 22" flat panel LCD instructor monitor
  • Keyboard & optical mouse
  • Low light feature, adjustable light conditions on any scenario
  • Self-calibrating without the need for handheld devices
  • Operates in ANY light conditions for safety and instructor control
  • Scenario and “on-the-fly” 3-D audio effects (Library included)
  • Audio controls located on instructor monitor
  • Customizable trainee report generation
  • After scenario debriefing, allows multimedia files to be viewed
  • Picture in picture (PiP) in full color and audio for viewing on replay
  • Pause, play, restart and stop functions during scenario play
  • Pause, frame forward and frame back controls on debrief replay
  • Digital scrolling capabilities in the replay video
  • Zoom in during debrief for viewing shot accuracy
  • Capable of creating scenario “playlist” with save and recall function
  • Radio Frequency keypads can be integrated at no additional software cost
  • Training scenario library 800+ native HD scenarios preloaded
  • Free HD scenarios for the life of the system (40+ Annually)
  • Skill builder shooting drills in graphic applications pre-loaded
  • 12 Month warranty – includes 24/7 support line and loaner system