Customized Scenario Development to Fit Your Training Objectives

Have specific training objectives unique to your department? We can film and edit scenarios that are catered to your needs. Ti Training offers premium, customized scenario development using our experienced, in-house production crew.

Ti Training is the only simulation company with an in-house studio and a full time video and editing staff. We have a 4700 square foot studio and green screen technology , coupled with state-of-the-art editing capabilities and decades of experience. Our production team will work with you from the concept stage all the way through the delivery of high-quality scenario content that is turn-key and ready to use on your Ti Training system.

There are many packages available to accommodate a myriad of different budget levels. We offer pricing flexibility in order to make custom training content possible for agencies and groups of all sizes. We can even work with still images or video of your specific locations and combine them with role-players who are photographed in our studio.

If your agency is interested in training its staff members to create scenario content, we also offer a t three-day Scenario Creation Boot Camp at our headquarters in Golden, Colorado. In this Camp, our production teach the processes to create effective and engaging scenario-based training. Please call Ti for class availability.