PowerPoint based, with the ability to load existing PowerPoint Lessons
With the easy conversion of existing material, you will be able to quickly create interactive lessons out of your current courseware.

Self Creation of Training Content
Instructors will have an easy job creating interactive questions and answers to augment training PowerPoints, thus harnessing the true power of a classroom setting.

Electronic Polling and Testing
Students can answer true or false, multiple choice, or rank answers in order. When presenting, an instructor knows if the class is following along or if more time should be spent on one topic.

Use of Unlimited Keypads
The system is completely scalable, giving you the power to reach literally hundreds of students.

Immediate Student Feedback
Answers are polled and compiled in real time, giving the instructor valuable data and feedback on how the students are retaining the information, thus allowing them to change the pace of the course or repeat content as needed.

Inexpensive and Cost Effective Training
Studies have shown classroom training that engages students through interactive technologies increases information retention. The interactivity simulates a one-on-one teacher environment making large classrooms highly cost effective.

Courseware by LE Experts
Utilize a wide range of existing courseware that has already been developed. Or customize this material to suit the specific needs of your department.